Addthis, ShareThis: Save Space on Your Blog with Addthis, ShareThis

Many blog owners put many rss subscribers buttons on their blogs, so that their readers can subscribe to their blogs conveniently. This is a good thing, yet some bloggers put too many rss subscribers buttons on their blogs, occupying a large part of their blogs space.
How many promotion buttons does you need? Under each story right on China Business Watch blog, you'll see three—for digg, delicious, and stumbleupon—and that's not as many as you see on other blogs. How about just one?
In fact, it’s not necessary for the bloggers to put so many rss subscribers buttons. One button is enough. You can use Addthis or ShareThis, both of which enable you to share to Email, AIM, SMS, Social Networks and Social media sites with just one button.
Further, you can use Feedburner Feedflares to facilitate this sharing process.

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