Why traffic is King? Promotional Methods Decoded

It's impossible to overstate the importance of traffic to your site. Many enterprises hurry to launch their sites, only to find themselves become almost invisible in the Cyberspace. Many solutions are provided, some technical and some tricky in one way or another. SEO, link exchange, to name a few.
No doubt there is more than one way to boost your traffic. Promotional methods can be roughly categorized into these four categories: Web Content; Search Engine Marketing; Email Marketing; Software. You can use more than one as the method of promotion for your sites.
Right now, I won’t go into the technical details of each promotional method. Instead, I recommend in this post what are proved very effective:
1. build backlinks
2. networking to make your blogs known.
3. submit your website rss to rss directories
4. run PPC campaign such as Google Adwords
5. buy advertisng space
6. promote your content with feedBurner Feedflares.
7. swap link with other Bloggers
These promotional methods have worked remarkably well for China Business Watch and I’m absolutely confident that you’ll see the same improvement as well.

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