How Many RSS Feeds do You Track Each Day?

The popularity of RSS is quite obvious: there are few websites or blogs that don’t provide RSS.
Bloggs can submit their blogs to RSS directories for more exposure, and by trial and error, put their RSS in the best position of their pages.
And on the part of RSS consumers, great tools are available. For myself, I still remember I feel it strongly when my startpage Netvibes didn’t work.
Here I’d like to make a survey on my readers: how many RSS feeds do you track each day?
From my own experience, I subscribe to over 600 RSS, but there are some RSS I’ve digested daily and some RSS I just give a glance. Well, it’s hard to differentiate between “digest” and “glance” as it’s post-specific, so instead I use “track”, which just means “it’s in your RSS reader”. In this sense, I track about 600 RSS.
The dear readers of China Business Watch, would you like to share with us how many RSS feeds do you track each day by commenting on the post? I really appreciate it.

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