Productivity and the Ways to Improve Productivity

Modern technology such as Internet and softwares are invented to boost our productivity. Yet, ironically, it’s precisely when people come to terms with softwares and Internet that they find themselves easily lost in the sea of info and lower productivity.
Boost productivity is a big topic, yet the basic rules are simple:
1. Read more with less efforts. Adequate input of new knowledge and ideas are the first step of your productivity, and luckily some handy tools can help you read more with less efforts.
2. Think after your readings. Find the similarity or the difference between different approaches to your problems, evaluate what your read, find the part that’s helpful to you, and formulate your own ideas.
3. Try to improve something. This is the hardest part, but the most valuable part of your productivity. It’s about innovation, and creativity, and trial and error, and adding new value.
4. make use of the best softwares available to streamline your working process.
5. Last but not least, cooperate wisely. Good productivity needs cooperation with others. Stay focused on what you’re doing and this is your own habit but the form of cooperation is a collective habit. So try to minimize the info noise by choosing the right communication channel.
China Business Watch will continue to discuss more about productivity since it’s vital to the success of any kind of business. And we’d like to hear from you about your ways to improve productivity. .

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