Google Site Open to All

Just a few days ago, Google announced that Google Site is now open to all, and free. This is a typical example of my previous open about business strategy: Startups Are Afraid of Other’s Generosity? Maybe. Though the upload limit of Google Site is there, this is clearly a step consistent with the fundamental business strategy of Google. The competition between these giants is far from over: Ebay, Microsfot, Yahoo, and Google.
When the infrastructure of IT becoming increasingly mature, the focus of competition has changed. There's a shift underway in how people use computers and the Internet. Every day more utility is being delivered over the Web. Full applications can now be run in a browser, accessible from any computer. Data portability prevails. Software? But for the basic softwares, most are becoming redundant and marginalized. Some websites are just softwares of the traditional sense. Software are becoming Webapps China Business Watch has interviewed more than 1,000 startup CEOs. Most are now out of business
So, watch out the trend. It’s the same for traders and industrials. So we think it’s very important to analyze the industry trend. We'll talk more about it. Stay tuned.

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