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To facilitate your process of work, sometimes you need convert files on-line or transfer small to large files to many people or locations.
As the regular readers of China Business Watch probably know, we have offices in California, U.S. and the three major trade centers of China: Zhengzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. To facilitate the effective transfer and exchange of important documents and data between different locations, China Business Watch constantly search for reliable file storage services.
Needless to say we have benefited from file storage services. There are three of the quality file storage services China Business Watch has used and recommend. is an online Web storage provider. Users can store 1GB of whatever they want, or pay a little extra for more space with the service's premium plans.
What really makes the service stand out is its slick-looking file-sharing widgets. Users get instant previews of images, music, and text documents. The files reside in your storage area, and as the widget owner you can even upload files through the widget. You can try here.
ShareFile is a service for business customers or anyone who wants to transfer small to large files instead of using e-mail and without having to resort to a more difficult solution like FTP or P2P software. While it's aimed mostly at business users, there's also a consumer version that lets people swap files up to 5GB in size. The business memberships throw in additional employee accounts as well as file encryption and larger file sizes all the way up to 150GB.
What makes ShareFile neat is that it's not simply a place to dump your files and get a URL. There's a powerful interface that makes it easy to sort through your files and set up complex rules on sharing, privacy protection, and distribution to your employees.
YouSendIt is a file-sharing service. It allows receivers to get files by clicking standard URL links. Since YouSendIt stores files on its own servers, you have to upload what you want to share, but then you don't have to leave your PC on to allow people to pick it up. The hosted transfer model isn't as flexible as peer-to-peer sharing, but it is easier to use for both senders and receivers.
In addition to a free service, also offers three premium subscription plans for people who want to send larger files to more users. It also offers a branded file dropbox for businesses that want to create an easy way for clients to send large files.

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