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China Business Watch is committed to promoting useful knowledge and information. MIT OpenCourseWare is one of the courses that we support.
Dear Friend of OCW, please Support OCW
Please remember MIT OpenCourseWare as you plan your end-of-year giving. As we all confront this economic crisis, now more than ever, access to free educational content can make a difference in the lives of millions.
Lisa, a self learner from the US, shares how OCW has helped her:
As a single mother in a low income bracket, OCW from MIT has opened avenues for me that I did not know existed. Through on-line lectures and course assignments I have discovered a richness of subjects and substance. The research I've conducted while studying also led me to financial opportunities that will enable me to earn a degree in my chosen field. MIT OpenCourseWare has been a godsend.
The Cost of Free
The spirit of OCW is sharing knowledge openly and freely, but there is a significant expense for providing a free education. Publishing new and updated courses (about 200 per year), producing new video materials, sustaining our new Highlights for High School program, and improving the web site all incur a substantial cost.
OCW is now supported through a combination of MIT funds, corporate sponsors, and individuals like you.
Please support OCW by making a donation this holiday season.
Cecilia d'Oliveira
Executive Director
MIT OpenCourseWare

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