Scammers Knows Misspelling Marketing

Scammers and their scams are easily exposed in the on-line world. Just google their email, or you can read this comprehensive guide to combat scammers.
What distresses me most is not that this is a typical scam letter, but that it even didn’t use a spell checker. There are a lot of spelling errors in it. on the other hand, I wish they are not using the Misspelling Marketing to push their scams.

Here is a scam letter:
My dear friend,

I shall give you a call after I receive your reply and current contact phone number based on this mail assuring me that you can work with me faithfully as I envisaged and accommodate this fund and comply with my directives on investment plans this year.
What I am about telling you now is a pure secret, which I hope you will keep within you. But even before this I will like to thank you very much for the forthrightness if you reply me this mail based on TRUST AND MUTUAL CONFIDENTIALITY. My expectations never failed short.
I am Mr. Dennis Peters, secretary to Mr. James Ibori, Former Governor of Delta State, Nigeria who is now in detention for allegation of corruption and Money- Laundering. Having been in government for eight {8} years under last democratic dispensation as the Executive Governor of Delta State which is reputed to produce the highest chunk of crude oil in the Niger Delta for world export which has advertently placed Nigeria as the 6th largest crude oil producer in the world being enjoyed by friends and foes all over the world. I will wish to state that you can imagine the level of commitment of his Excellency to contract awards in this area and his affluence within these years of his rule which has come to an end on the 29th of May 2007 after the general election of April 2007.
I had contacted you because of the urgent need to move the sum of US$10.5m to you after a brief profile of you that I made on my own to avoid a lot of things. Suffice it to say that my boss, former Delta State Governor Mr. James Ibori of Nigeria has been in power as a state executive for the past 8 years. No doubt he has made some money one of which is what I want to keep in your custody for safekeeping on his instruction for future investment. The need and the urgency to send this money out of the security company immediately is occasioned by the arrest of my former boss Mr. James Ibori by the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) on allegations of money laundering. Right now, he is on house arrest.
My particular interest is the fund that is deposited in a Finance Security Company which I would want you to receive within the next 5 days if you agree to work with me to avoid any traces on this money as he now being probe by the Financial and Economic Crime Commission (EFCC). This is specially deposited and MARKED AS "FAMILY TREASURES AND VALUABLES" and is not known to the finance security company as containing money of the sum which I have told you above. Decidedly, I will give you 25% of US$10.5m for your assistance but if you will like to assist/partner me in establishing a good business on our behalf a clearly defined agreement shall be reached to ensure you maintain a 25% shareholding in it, the options are yours and quite clear. This money will be delivered to you via a well protected means devoid of risk to you, do also bear in mind that there is nobody who knows the existence of this fund for now but we are just tr! ! y ing to pre-emp t anything at a
All these fact you can confirm from various media establishment in
Nigeria and BCC:
I am not giving you this leads to make you change your mind if you have no desire to help, but rather to let you know that with my standing and connection with the mandate from the former Governor, this transaction will be completed within the next 5 days if you give me your full undivided attention and co-operation, upon receiving the fund you are expected to safely guard this money while we look forward to other meaningful exercise in the future. All I expect from you is for us to agree to work together before I give you all the claim documents and guide you very well on what to do to claim on our behalf this fund after I receive the under listed requirement from you.
Send to me now your contact information. Where you want this fund moved or delivered to you. Fax and full Name, which will be used to update the file and present you to the diplomat/deposit company as the beneficiary to this money with the mandatory letter of authority that I will issue to you, the company will treat the processing with dispatch within the stipulated period of time.
Furthermore, this will enable me use same information to draft out MOU which will guide us to ensure that we follow strictly to the tenets of agreement you will reach with me and that you receive 25% of the total sum {US$10.5m} contained in the trunk box therein and safeguard the rest of the money for us for investment this year. More important is the fact that the declaration will not spell out content and is not subject to be opened by another person except you. All are well planed and I sincerely need your understanding and co-operation.
Mr. Dennis Peters.

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