Role of Technology in Politics and Other Affairs

As tech people, we at China Business Watch have no particular interest in politics, but we focus on technology, and technology definitely has a role to play in politics and other affairs.
1. The wider use of technology in politics. Here we have a very good example. Before the US Presidential Election, we got this new from Twitter:
Election FeverWe understand that not everyone on Twitter is watching the US Presidential Election closely but the world is indeed watching. We created Twitter Election 2008 to demonstrate the power of Twitter during a shared event. The US Presidential and Vice Presidential debates are massively shared events and they are creating unprecedented levels of activity on Twitter. Fridays are normally fairly slow on Twitter but not last week--updates and signups increased dramatically on the day of the first debate. Check out
And they talk about the “Hacking The Debate” :
"Tonight we expect the most activity Twitter has ever seen as vice presidential hopefuls Sarah Palin and Joe Biden debate live from Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. The folks at Current TV are making history by broadcasting Twitter updates on live television during this debate. "
2. The wider use of technology in media, and in scandal exposing in media. See: Untold Psychology of Scandal Exposing in Media
3. The wider use of technology in disaster relief and charity works. The IT Companies That Respond Quickly to China’s Earthquake.

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