FeedBurner Stats Explained

FeedBurner Stats is an analytics offering for blogs, websites and feeds of all kinds. The service is free with every FeedBurner feed and provides publishers with a comprehensive view of their audience.
FeedBurner is a classic example of successful viral marketing and free service marketing strategy. But marketing skills alone cannot account for its success. FeedBurner stand outs largely because of what it offers to the users.
Who needs this service and why?
Publishers who distribute media on the web and want to understand how their content is being consumed. This includes bloggers, podcasters, videocasters/videobloggers and traditional publishers.
What will it help publishers do what they can’t do today?
FeedBurner Stats provides publishers with a single interface for analyzing the content consumption habits of their audience — be it feed subscribers or website/blog visitors. This insight can help you determine which content is performing best, where your audience is located, and better understand detailed information about traffic sources such as search engines.
What makes FeedBurner Stats different from other solutions?
Only FeedBurner offers a comprehensive picture of a publishers feed audience and website/blog audience in one place. That means a 360 degree view of content consumption.
What are the specific features of FeedBurner Stats?
The FeedBurner Stats service for feeds provides the following feed-related information:
Subscription data (e.g. number of subscribers by day, previous week, last 30 days and all time) and Reach data (the estimated number of individuals clicking or viewing your feed content in a given day)
Breakdown of feed readers and aggregators, email services, web browsers and bots by which subscribers are accessing your content
Clickthrough tracking
Uncommon uses — sites where your content has been resyndicated including other blogs, directories and even spam sites
Item enclosure downloads (podcasts)
Live hits, conveniently translated to your local time zone
For even more insight, you can activate the following PRO features for no charge:
* Reach
* Item views
A few months ago, for efficient management, I merged two FeedBurner accounts into one.

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