Multiple Feedburner Accounts Merged into One Account

Because China Business Watch has other blogs and business activities, we find it increasingly difficult to manage multiple Feedburner Accounts, so we decided to merge the multiple Feedburner Accounts into one account.
Today, we close other Feedburner Accounts. When trying to close the account, we get the following message:
Sorry — we cannot close your account just yet!
You have at least one active feed in your account (or you have deleted feed(s) while choosing the “30 day redirection” option). You may close your account only if you have no feeds at all, including those being temporarily redirected elsewhere.
Visit My Feeds to view your feeds, then click on each feed to access its management page and the “Delete Feed…” link. Once the My Feeds list is completely empty, you may close your account here.

After deleting the feeds, we click “Close My Account” on the control panel, and get this warning"Account Closure is permanent.
There is no turning back if you click “Close My Account” below. Please be absolutely sure you want to close this account.

We feel a llitte sad, but we have to merge the multiple Feedburner Accounts into one account to increase the productivity. So we input the password and click “Delete”.
Feedburner shows this message:
Your account has been permanently closed and you have been signed out one last time. Bonne Chance!
Well, Feedburner is a good service, and China Business Watch will continue to use its feedburning service and its great feedflare services. And China Business Watch feed will never be changed.

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