Trackback and Comment in Blogging

If you have been using technorati, you’ll be amazed by the number of new blogs every day. All kinds of research, from searching for the best price of the latest mobile phone, to more rigorous forms, are conducted through the blog medium.
What makes blogging so popular?
There are many factors that have contributed to the popularity of blogging. Compared with traditional websites, we think it’s interaction between on-line surfers that make blogging a hit. Blogs offer comment and Trackback mechanism to encourage this interaction.
The mechanism of comment provides the possibility for blogs to link to each other and provides possibilities for collaboration and knowledge sharing in a fast, public and convenient manner.
Trackback is a more recent addition, again usually found at the bottom of a blog post. Trackback is like a citation alert mechanism, allowing blogger A to inform blogger B that blogger B is being referenced by blogger A. Unlike linking with a permalink, whereby the person being linked to is unaware, trackback is a visible two-way bridge between two blogs. This permanent bridge-building encourages links between blogs and increases the social networking that helps to enlarge and maintain communities.
The advantages of blogging.
• flexibility to pick your own hours
• ability to generate income in your living room by blogging
• and the biggest advantage of all, you’re the person in charge. You decide

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