Make Money Online Taking Free Surveys

Is it really possible to make money taking free paid online surveys? The answer is a resounding Yes!! As a stay-at-home job, taking surveys was one of the first things that many people decided to try.
Survey companies will compensate you for taking surveys in several ways. Most initiative include entries into drawings for cash, free products, gift certificates, points redeemable for various incentives, and cash via check or pay-pal.
The first thing you should know is that you should never pay money to complete a survey.
Types of surveys
· Those that want an opinion – your views on a particular issue, let’s say
the ‘state of the economy’
· Those that want information - on your usage of products or on your
lifestyle. For instance, what kind of car do you own or plan to buy; or how
many hours do you spend on the Internet in an average week.
· Focus groups - While a survey of the questionnaire type generally
fetches $15-$50 (sometimes less and sometimes more depending on the
survey), the pay out is much higher for a slightly different form of online
survey known as the Focus Group.
You can get anywhere from $100 to $250 per session but each session
can go on for about an hour or more. Focus groups are the best paying
type of online surveys.

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