Vijaya Kumari Is Scam

All the readers of China Business Watch are advised to read this post Scambaiting Is Waiting for Scammers.
Here is a scam letter from a Vijaya Kumari.
Dear Internet User, I am pleased to inform you that one of the best things that can happen to any internet user is to be rewarded for spending money and time on the internet. You may not have known that over five billion people daily surf the Interneton a regular basis for one reason or other.
After the automated computer ballot draw in the Microsoft BT-Internet
your E-mail address emerged as a winner in the category "B" with the following numbers attached Ref Number: MEI/M94029E942/09 ,Ticket Number: MEI/M94I088/67,
Serial number: MEL/CM/ENG7/112. You and other category "B" winners are
to receive a cash prize of ?60,651.00 respectively.

To file your claims, you will have to provide the below details to
the event manager's email(
Full name:
Contact address in full:
Marital Status:
Telephone number:

Forward the above requested info to the event manager:
Mr. Norman Hernandez
Sir Bobby King

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