Not All Blogs Are Created Equal

Initially I had planned to write a post entitled “not all blogs are created equal”. When I think about this title, I find that title is not right. When blogs are started, they are equal. But gradually with the passage of time, blog owners blog differently in terms of themes, efforts, devoted time, strategy, traffic building, etc. Some blogs out there are really big. Yet others treat their blogs more like an annual diary.
With respect to traffic, you should know that in many respects, the rich do get richer. High traffic leads to even more traffic-building opportunities that just aren’t accessible for low-traffic sites.
Journalists are finding me by doing Google searches on topics I’ve written about. These opportunities were not available to me when I was first starting out. Popular sites have a serious advantage. The more traffic you have, the more you can attract.
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a simple life said...

that's very true. working really hard for your blog really pays off ;)

have a blessed week ahead ;)

rhyan said...

I guess they're just the same with human being, it depends on how you work on it but both came in to this world equally.

suplado said...

This is true not all blogs are created equal

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