SMS Spam on a Grand Scale

China had a large number of mobile phone users, 565 million mobile phone users by the end of last month, making China a good market for mobile search advertising . Google mobile search is taking its time.
Yet, 200 Million mobile users in China have been bombarded with unwanted text messages from advertisers. Text messages were sent through China Mobile and its smaller rival China Unicom.
China Mobile apologised for loopholes that allowed the spread of spam text messages. It has vowed to block text messages originating from seven online advertising firms, the state-run Xinhua news agency reported.
China’s authorities said the spammers must “correct their wrongdoing.” “We urge parties concerned to beef up self-scrutiny to correct their wrongdoing, which is profit driven in defiance of public interests,” said deputy head of the State Council Office for Rectifying Malpractice, Liu Yue.

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