Another booster of Speedy dropping of Entrecard

It’s common knowledge that images or graphics can really drag a page loading speed but a FireFox plugin called ImgLikeOpera will allow you to control how images are loaded. For Entrecard droppers, not loading images will make the page loads faster.
After downloading and installing ImgLikeOpera, restarting FireFox, the default page loaded without images but you can control it. ImgLikeOpera’s control icon, which is a very small camera, is located at the bottom right corner of your FireFox window. There are four settings: Don’t load images, Load cached images only, Load images for this site only and Load all images.
Here is how: with ImgLikeOpera you can create filters that will enable you to selectively load images. To do this, click on the triangle icon near the camera icon and select ImgLikeOpera settings. It will open a dialogue box with more options and three tabs: Cache, misc, Filters and Help. Click the Filters tab to open it. Here you can set your filters.
We can make ImgLikeOpera only load images from Entrecard by placing Entrecard’s URL,, inside the text box labeled Filter and choosing a Filter policy which in this case is number 1, Load all images. Click the Add button to add it and the Apply button to apply it. Now, if we open a site all images will not load except the ones from Entrecard. The widget’s images will be shown except one and that’s the one hosted at amazon’s server. Well, I personally like to see all of the widget’s images so I set another filter to do just that.
After doing all of that, you are ready for another Speed Dropping run with this list of Entrecard member websites.

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